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Warner will restart the Matrix

Classics of science fiction, published in 1999, will receive the new version, which will not be involved in sister Wachowski, who worked on the original.
matrix 4 movie
As reported by insiders to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner is at an early stage of development of the restart of the movie “the Matrix”. The script will be written by Zak Penn, whose filmography projects like “X-Men 2”, “ELEKTRA” and “the Avengers”.

The same source said that the Studio intends to call for the lead role of Michael B. Jordan, known for the films “Fantastic four” and “creed: Legacy rocky”. Given that the Wachowski’s wanted to see in the original “the Matrix” will Smith, it is an expected solution.

Alas, no Lana Wachowski, nor Lilli Wachowski, who wrote and directed the original, will not be involved in the remake. Warner would at least be getting from the nurses the go-ahead or at least some positive words, but yet no comments about this no.

Trilogy producer Joel silver offered the Studio the option to return to the universe of “the Matrix”. However, in 2012, producer Warner sold its rights to the project for 30 million dollars. Silver, most likely, will not participate in the restart: the producer has strained relations with the wachowskis, and in addition, the reputation of miser when it comes to some of the over budget (although it is unclear why THR puts it, the quality of the silver as negative).
The matrix 4 movie
“The matrix” was released in 1999. This dystopia, in which it appears that all of humanity has long been enslaved by machines and the function of batteries. All life arises in a computer simulation — the Matrix. Finds out the hacker Neo (Keanu Reeves), and together with rebels starting to fight back against the machines.

The film (then the Wachowski brothers) was a breakthrough in the field of special effects, was based on different kinds of philosophical and religious ideas, and the references to Japanese animation. “The matrix” with a budget of 63 million dollars was released in the U.S. March 31, 1999, collected in world hire 463,5 million, and eventually received a cult status. The world of the picture was investigated in the comics, video games, animated short films and two sequels, which has not been as popular with fans as the first picture. If you prefer tv show instead of movie we can recommend you to take quick look at political drama series and download madam secretary tv show from Netflix.

Became known the details of the new “Matrix”

According to the writer, the words “reboot” and “remake” to a new project are irrelevant.
TheMatrix 4 film
Zak Penn, who this week said the writer of the project, wrote a few tweets, and then the intentions of Warner have become a little clearer.

“All I can say at this stage is the fact that no one can or should restart “the Matrix,” writes Penn. — Those familiar with “the Animatrix” and Batman comics, it is understood. Can’t comment, but I will say this: the words “reboot” and “remake” was invented by the authors. Let’s not respond to incorrect news”.

Then the writer said: “If I was looking for an actor for the role of Keanu Reeves, I would take Keanu Reeves”. “You want to see more stories in the universe of the Matrix? Yes. Because it’s a great idea, overgrown with lots of cool stories. Look what happened with the universe “X-Men”. “Logan”, “Legion”, “Deadpool” — someone wants them to stop? I don’t want,” said Zak Penn.

Thus, we can assume that the new movies will be the only offshoot of the main stories that came up and took the Wachowski. Their participation is not talking, but, most likely, Warner will find a way to get the consent of women to work with a new project on the Matrix.

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