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The Night Manager season 2

The Night Manager season 2 is a screen adaptation of the novel written by an outstanding writer of our time, John le Carré, who became famous for his spectacular works on the spy theme. The Night Manager
In the center of the plot there is a former British Army soldier, Jonathan Pine, who decides to retire, hoping to finally find peace. Unfortunately, it is impossible for the hero to live long in peace. After he finds a work of a night manager in one of the luxury hotels, he receives an offer from Burr, an employee of survey who asks our hero to contribute to the elimination of the biggest syndicate engaged in the arms trade and led by Richard Onslow Roper.

The complicated operation must be carried out under the strict control of the British and American intelligence, which join their efforts, unable to cope with Roper alone. After accepting the offer and starting realization of the tasks, Jonathan soon finds himself in the circle of people close to Roper, despite the caution and distrust on the part of Jed, girlfriend of Richard, and his chief of staff Corcoran.

While being inside of the syndicate, our hero finds himself in the unpredictable world of international intrigues, where one wrong move threatens imminent death.

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