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Stitchers season 2

StitchersStitchers is a TV series in which it goes about a young girl named Kirsten Clark who led normal life: she studied at the prestigious University and planned her future. At that moment, she couldn’t even imagine what changes are waiting for her. Once, Kirsten is accused of the death of her loved one and this radically changes her future life. Representatives of the NSA find the girl and offer her to become a participant of a unique project called “Stitchers”.

As it turns out, the heroine suffers from a very rare disease – temporary dysplasia, which makes her a unique object for a special project of the government. Scientists managed to develop certain device, which makes it possible to connect the mind of Kirsten to the memory of the recently deceased person.

This allows getting important information that can help to solve crimes more quickly, thus saving the lives of others. Thus, she becomes a member of a large and close-knit team of scientists and operational agents.

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