Solomon is a historical TV series directed by Roger Young. The film tells the story of the famous ruler of the Jewish people King Solomon.solomon

Wisdom was his innate gift received from God. The king was the owner of the illimitable wealth, created a great Temple in Jerusalem and turned his land into a mighty and prosperous world power. Wise King has put an end to the long war between the Egyptians and the Jews by means of only one action. He married the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh and the five hundred years war has been over. It is a truly wise political move, although his Egyptian wife was not the only one.

Women has always surrounded Solomon and he has never been deprived of female attention. The list of women is quite large. Many know the story of the Queen of Sheba who has concluded an alliance for political and love reasons.

While being in the old age, the king had a beautiful Abishag who lived with him in the palace. Proceedings of the legendary king are the greatest legacy for many generations. He wrote many books that amaze by the depth of thought.

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