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Hawthorne is the American project filmed in the drama genre. The main heroine is named Christina Hawthorne. She’s beautiful and smart and has managed to achieve some success in life despite her youth. She is a valuable employee of the city hospital called Richmond.hawthorne

Hawthorne is respected by the clinic staff. The authorities have made her the head of the team of junior medical staff. However, her life cannot be called easy, because she combines her professional activities with the upbringing of her child. Christina was previously married, but later divorced and now all of the concerns about the child lie on her fragile shoulders. The whole life flows in the usual line: work in a hospital, household chores and raising a baby.

Everything seems to be gradually improving after a breakup with her husband. However, it often happens when there is an unexpected event which radically changes the everyday way of life. “Richmond” Staff actively begins to discuss personnel changes among the leaders. This news was disappointing for Christina, because now the clinic may be headed by the mother of the former spouse. What will be in the future of nurse Hawthorne?

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