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StitchersStitchers is a TV series in which it goes about a young girl named Kirsten Clark who led normal life: she studied at the prestigious University and planned her future. At that moment, she couldn’t even imagine what changes are waiting for her. Once, Kirsten is accused of the death of her loved one and this radically changes her future life. Representatives of the NSA find the girl and offer her to become a participant of a unique project called “Stitchers”.

As it turns out, the heroine suffers from a very rare disease – temporary dysplasia, which makes her a unique object for a special project of the government. Scientists managed to develop certain device, which makes it possible to connect the mind of Kirsten to the memory of the recently deceased person.

This allows getting important information that can help to solve crimes more quickly, thus saving the lives of others. Thus, she becomes a member of a large and close-knit team of scientists and operational agents.

tv series

The Night Manager season 2 is a screen adaptation of the novel written by an outstanding writer of our time, John le Carré, who became famous for his spectacular works on the spy theme. The Night Manager
In the center of the plot there is a former British Army soldier, Jonathan Pine, who decides to retire, hoping to finally find peace. Unfortunately, it is impossible for the hero to live long in peace. After he finds a work of a night manager in one of the luxury hotels, he receives an offer from Burr, an employee of survey who asks our hero to contribute to the elimination of the biggest syndicate engaged in the arms trade and led by Richard Onslow Roper.

The complicated operation must be carried out under the strict control of the British and American intelligence, which join their efforts, unable to cope with Roper alone. After accepting the offer and starting realization of the tasks, Jonathan soon finds himself in the circle of people close to Roper, despite the caution and distrust on the part of Jed, girlfriend of Richard, and his chief of staff Corcoran.

While being inside of the syndicate, our hero finds himself in the unpredictable world of international intrigues, where one wrong move threatens imminent death.

tv series

Hawthorne is the American project filmed in the drama genre. The main heroine is named Christina Hawthorne. She’s beautiful and smart and has managed to achieve some success in life despite her youth. She is a valuable employee of the city hospital called Richmond.hawthorne

Hawthorne is respected by the clinic staff. The authorities have made her the head of the team of junior medical staff. However, her life cannot be called easy, because she combines her professional activities with the upbringing of her child. Christina was previously married, but later divorced and now all of the concerns about the child lie on her fragile shoulders. The whole life flows in the usual line: work in a hospital, household chores and raising a baby.

Everything seems to be gradually improving after a breakup with her husband. However, it often happens when there is an unexpected event which radically changes the everyday way of life. “Richmond” Staff actively begins to discuss personnel changes among the leaders. This news was disappointing for Christina, because now the clinic may be headed by the mother of the former spouse. What will be in the future of nurse Hawthorne?

tv series

Muneca Brava is an Argentinian TV series which has been released in 1998. It has become popular in a very short time as the right to broadcast it has been acquired by more than sixty countries. One of the main roles in the project has played a well-known Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro. The plot revolves around the dramatic relationships of a young girl Milagros and a guy from wealthy family Ivo.muneca brava

Milagros is a young orphan who has been brought up at the parish. She is a charming person with a keen sense of justice and genuine values. Despite the fact that she never knew parental love and care, she is always cheerful and knows how to how to have fun. Milagros loves football, but at the same time continues to be romantic and more than anything else she wants to meet a sincere and great love. One day she finds a job as a maid in a wealthy family DiCarlo which is full of faction. Here Milagros meets an attractive and charming man named Ivo, the son of the house owner.

Young people start feeling sympathy to each other and soon there appears a whirlwind romance between them. The question is whether Ivo and Milagros will manage to keep their feelings, despite all the difficulties and obstacles that are prepared by the fate


Solomon is a historical TV series directed by Roger Young. The film tells the story of the famous ruler of the Jewish people King Solomon.solomon

Wisdom was his innate gift received from God. The king was the owner of the illimitable wealth, created a great Temple in Jerusalem and turned his land into a mighty and prosperous world power. Wise King has put an end to the long war between the Egyptians and the Jews by means of only one action. He married the daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh and the five hundred years war has been over. It is a truly wise political move, although his Egyptian wife was not the only one.

Women has always surrounded Solomon and he has never been deprived of female attention. The list of women is quite large. Many know the story of the Queen of Sheba who has concluded an alliance for political and love reasons.

While being in the old age, the king had a beautiful Abishag who lived with him in the palace. Proceedings of the legendary king are the greatest legacy for many generations. He wrote many books that amaze by the depth of thought.