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Tyrant season 1 is a TV show the plot of which tells about the son of the Middle East dictator who once returns to the homeland after living 20 years in the United States.

Tyrant season 1
The events in the Tyrant series 3 are taking place in one of the most unstable and incendiary places of the world, namely the Middle East, where there is a lot of military conflicts (starting from the civil war in Syria and ending with the endless Arab-Israeli conflict).

The major hero is Bassam. With time he gets the same power in the country. It happens that Barry needs to overthrow his older brother who has no desire to follow the principles of democracy and justice. In order to take away him from power he decides to get help of the USA government.

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Tyrant season 3 is a TV show the plot of which is going around the hot spot of the country the Middle East becomes the main place of the events. Here is the military conflict in which many states which have their own hirelings are taking part.tyrant-season-3
The news is full of notifications about the civil war which is taking place in Syria and constant opposition of Arab-Israeli groups. However, everything is not as it seems. There is a major hero who is the son of a man of importance. He is a representative of the leading top of one thought of Arab state called Baladi. By means of this city authors of the series are trying to make parallels with the reality.